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Communication Platform exhibitsThe computer game Pabulum is popular not only among young people

ROOTS draws on existing exhibits from the Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes and employs them in public outreach activities at different occasions, including the European Research Night, the family day at Schloss Gottorf or the Kiel University exhibition tent during the Kieler Woche. A new exhibit will enable visitors to digitally imitate a geophysical field campaign in a Wadden Sea area (Subcluster ROOTS of Socio-Environmental Hazards). On a touch screen, users will be able to work like a geophysicist and archaeologist by measuring an area, filtering the data and interpreting the features (e.g. ditches, dikes, terps or tidal creeks) in order to produce a landscape reconstruction on the basis of these measurements.  

Furthermore, a series of 3D-prints of megaliths are currently been prepared as illustrative material for public outreach events. The medium-term goal is an exhibition with interactive elements which will function as a traditional physical exhibition as well as in a digital format.

ROOTS exhibits Kieler WocheExhibition tent during the Kieler Woche


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Claus von Carnap-Bornheim
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