Between domestication and invasion: rethinking the socio-environmental ROOTS of crops, weeds and invasive species.

The dawn of agriculture brought with it an array of domesticated plants as well as species of arable weeds and species colonising European grasslands. Despite the established recognition of similarities between these groups of plants, it is not standard to highlight their mutual origin and ecological traits. An interdisciplinary team from the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS will bring together experts from different fields for a two-day international workshop "between domestication and invasion". The objective of the workshop is to explore and establish correlations between the social and environmental dynamics that have driven the intertwined development of crops, arable weeds and plant invaders. In this way, we aim to stimulate cross-disciplinary discourse between archaeology and disciplines concerned with modern plant breeding and cultivation, genomics, ecology, and environmental ethics. As an outcome, there will be the publication of the results as peer-reviewed proceedings and, as add-on, the development of an educational module for advanced pupils.


This project evolves from cooperation between the ROOTS subclusters Conflict, Hazards, Dietry and the Communication platform.

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