Prof. Dr. Henny Piezonka (seit 01.05.2023 FU Berlin)


Johanna-Mestorf-Straße 2-6, R. 140 b
Phone: +49 431 880-1621
Telefax: + 49 431 880-7300

My work is situated at the interface of archaeology and cultural anthropology and focusses on hunter-gatherer and pastoralist studies across North Eurasia. Research areas include the development and dispersal of Neolithic traits as seen from a hunter-gatherer perspective, Holocene hunter-gatherer socio-economic complexity in Europe and North Asia, contemporary hunter-fisher-herder lifeways in the Siberian taiga, and the roles and perception of Early Modern urbanism in nomadic Mongolia. My work brings together field-based archaeological research with ethnoarchaeological studies amongst contemporary hunter-fisher and herder communities in order to reach diversified, ontologically informed understandings of people and their material world.


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