Morgan Windle

ROOTS member (PhD candidate)

Olshausenstraße 80h, R. EG.01
Phone: +49 431 880-6579
Telefax: +49 431 880 5498

Morgan’s research investigates reindeer domestication and human-reindeer relationships in the Circumpolar North. Through partnership with local Indigenous communities in the northern taiga of West Siberia, her work is grounded in a combined theoretical framework incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge with aspects of Niche-Construction, multispecies and Natureculture theory. Utilising ethnography, geometric morphometrics, and stable isotopes, her project seeks to create high-resolution biographies of modern reindeer to identify differences between wild and herded populations with an aim to better understand domestication processes while broadening parameters for situating human-reindeer systems in arctic and subarctic archaeological contexts.

Keywords: Multispecies, reindeer domestication, morphology, isotopes


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