Dr. Marta Dal Corso

Former ROOTS member

Exzellenzcluster "ROOTS", Olshausenstr. 80h, R. 02
Phone: +49 431 880-6580
Telefax: +49 431 880-5498

Marta Dal Corso is a postdoctoral researcher in archaeobotany specialised in phytolith analysis and palynology. She explores plant uses and cultivation in the past and the relationships between human activities and natural environments. Her education at the University of Padua (Italy) was followed by her PhD on the environment in Bronze Age Northern Italy at the Graduate School ‘Human Development in Landscapes’, Kiel University (Germany). In Kiel, she has been employed as an assistant to the chair of Environmental Archaeology and worked as a researcher in the CRC 1266 on Copper Age Eastern Europe and on the spread of millet in Europe. In 2021, she coordinated the 12th International Meeting for Phytolith Research at Kiel University and collaborates with the DEI-Amman to investigate environmental changes at Tall Zira’a (Jordan). Finally, she has focused on routine activities within ROOTS and within her forthcoming job in the ERC GEODAP in Padova (Italy).

Keywords: Archaeobotany, palaeoecology, prehistoric archaeology, palynology, pollen analysis, bioarchaeology, experimental archaeology, environmental archaeology, Bronze Age, vegetation


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