Dr. Michaela Ecker (Emmy Noether-Programm)

ROOTS full member

Johanna-Mestorf-Straße 2-6, R. 141
Phone: +49 431 880-4379
Telefax: +49 431 880-7300

Postanschrift: Johanna-Mestorf-Str. 2-6,
24118 Kiel

My main research interest is the influence of long-term climatic and environmental changes on human cultural evolution. The geographical focus of my research is Europe, Southwestern Asia and Southern Africa, where I study Pleistocene and Holocene Palaeolithic/Stone Age sites. My interdisciplinary approach includes stable isotope techniques to reconstruct past environments. My current Emmy Noether Junior Research Group project is conducting fieldwork in the southern Kalahari to document the distribution of Middle Pleistocene archaeological sites in connection to local changes in hydrological conditions.

Keywords: Palaeolithic archaeology, stable isotope analysis, quaternary science, human evolution


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