ROOTS PI Ralph Schneider elected Vice President of Kiel University

Ralph Schneider is vice president of Kiel UniversityRalph Schneider is the new Vice-President for international affairs, young researchers, equality and diversity (photo: Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel).

Yesterday, (Wednesday, 15 March 2023), the Senate of Kiel University (CAU) elected Professor Ralph Schneider, Department of Geosciences and Principal Investigator in the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, as the new Vice President for International Affairs, Young Academics, Equality and Diversity. The election took place extra-rotationally, as Professor Nele Matz-Lück had resigned from her position as Vice-President for health reasons on 31 January. “I would like to thank Professor Schneider very much for strengthening the Presidium with his expertise and I am very much looking forward to working with him!" emphasised Professor Simone Fulda, President of Kiel University.

"I am very pleased about the great trust the Senate has placed in me today for the next three years. On the one hand a great challenge, on the other hand a very important position in which I can help shape the future of the university,” said Ralph Schneider on the occasion of his election.

The Vice-Presidents of Kiel University are elected by the Senate for a term of three years on the recommendation of the President.

Professor Ralph Schneider is a marine geologist and climate researcher. He is Director of the Institute of Geosciences, where he heads the Paleoceanography and Climate working group. He is also the director of the Leibniz-Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Stable Isotope Research. He was actively involved in the ROOTS predecessor, the graduate school Human Development in Landscapes, and as a PI he played a significant role in the successful application for the first phase of ROOTS.

We sincerely congratulate Ralph Schneider on his election and wish him all the best for his new tasks!


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