Interdisciplinary colloquium on urban design

Urban DesignFrom 21 to 23 March 2022, an internal, interdisciplinary colloquium was held at the Kiel Science Centre on the topic "Urban Design. Cities in the past, present and future".

In cooperation with the DenkRaum, the event was organised by Prof Annette Haug from ROOTS and Dr des. Adrian Hielscher, Institute of Classics, Kiel University. The DenkRaum is a central element of the Excellence Strategy Kiel University Interfaces. The aim of this strategy is to help shape the future of society through research, teaching and transfer and to contribute to solving urgent global challenges from a scientific perspective. As DenkRaum Fellows, five young researchers with doctorates broaden their perspectives through collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines and in exchange with experts from business, politics and society.

Many experts of various disciplines gave talks during the colloquium. Two of the DenkRaum Fellows, Dr Annika Hanert and Dr Sören Weißermel, presented contributions on the topics "City, Memory and Orientation" and "Climate Justice in Urban Development". In addition, Prof Ingrid Breckner, HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU), and Doris Grondke (Port of Kiel) held presentations on actual challenges of city development in Kiel.
"I am very pleased with the workshop. It opened a wide range of new perspectives on urban design and will serve as a starting point for new collaborations," concluded Prof Annette Haug.

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