Dialogues with the Past: International Doctoral Seminar, 27-30 March 2023, Paris, France.

A painting of Oldham in England by Jame Howe Carsell
A painting of Oldham in England by Jame Howe Carse

From 27-30 March 2023, the PhD seminar "Human Environment Interaction: Adapting, Coping, Marking, Transforming" will be held at the Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris (France).

This PhD seminar seeks to explore human-environmental interaction in the past in a long-term perspective. It is directed to all PhD-students who do research on natural as well as cultural environments and social space, and their interconnectedness, across time, including both foraging and farming societies – in coast and inland areas. The seminar will deal with the study of environment and/or social space from a variety of perspectives such as environmental archaeology, material culture studies or ethnoarchaeology. The PhD-students will present aspects of their own research in these fields, which then will be discussed in the group, the discussions being chaired by experienced lecturers in the field of (landscape-) archaeology, ethnoarchaeology and environmental archaeology.

The participating lecturers, among them Cluster-ROOTS PIs Wiebke Kirleis and Henny Piezonka, will give lectures and participate in the discussion about the research of the PhD students.

The seminar is organized by ROOTS PI Wiebke Kirleis together with Almut Schülke (Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo) as part of the graduate school Dialogues with the Past, The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology.

The Graduate School invites all registered PhD students in the Dialogues with the Past network to apply by 18 November 18, 2022. Applications can be submitted via this application form here.


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