URBAN Talks: a forum for urban research discussions

Urban TalksLaunched by early career researchers of the Subcluster Urban ROOTS, URBAN Talks is a new series of meetings that aims to explore urban agency and urban perception alongside other urban social and environmental issues. URBAN Talks are intended to offer a forum to urban researchers from multiple fields in order to share ideas and gain insights into the phenomenon of urbanity from different perspectives.
At each meeting, a scientific publication will be commented on by a specialist or a guest lecture will take place. The meetings will be held every three weeks on Thursdays at 11:30 per ZOOM (and will be switched to a hybrid mode as soon as possible). The topic of each meeting will be announced in the ROOTS calendar.
The first URBAN Talks meeting will take place on 6 January 2022 with a discussion on a paper by Dr. Julia Kroh (Institute for Innovation Research, CAU Kiel; Denkraum program) entitled: Sustain(able) urban (eco)systems: Stakeholder-related success factors in urban innovation projects.

For further information, please contact Paweł Cembrzyński pcembrzynski@roots.uni-kiel.de


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