Follow Tim Kerig´s excavations in Kurdistan, Iraq

Tim Kerig Kurdistan

A few days ago, Tim Kerig, ROOTS member and associate researcher of subcluster ROOTS of Inequalities (link), started an excavation in Soran, Iraqi Kurdistan. The investigated site is situated on a fluvial terrace in closest vicinity to the mounded site of Girda Dasht.

You can follow Tim´s updates from the field and enjoy some beautiful views of the excavation and surroundings here.

This investigation is conducted in cooperation with the directorate of Antiquities at Soran, the General Directorate at Erbil and at Soran University, and together with colleagues from the University of Mainz, Arbeitsbereich Vorderasiatische Archäologie Mainz. The project is funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation; Project: HE 8711/2-1; PI Helms and Kerig) and by the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS.


You can read an interiew with Tim Kerig here

Tim Kerig Kurdistan
Tim Kerig KurdistanAll photos by G. Rettler


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