Urban Water Conference

Dec 07, 2022 to Dec 09, 2022


Urban Water Conference.
Water is a resource, element of natural environment, but also part of urban culture and social life. The colloquium "Urban Water II", organized by the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, Subcluster "Urban ROOTS", in Kiel from 7 to 9 December 2022, deals with the question how urban actors perceived and interacted with their dynamic social, environmental, and cultural settings related to water in pre-modern times. Experts from eight countries will present current research on bathing, narratives around water, water and social topography, and water (healing) cults. At the same time, the topics of the colloquium reflect the orientation of various working groups in the ROOTS subcluster "Urban ROOTS", whose results will be exchanged and deepened with the international experts during the colloquium. From history and archaeology to literary studies and philosophy, a wide variety of disciplines are represented, allowing for a comprehensive view of the aforementioned topics.

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