Conference: Urban Knowledge Transfer in Serial Sources. Administration, Routines and Society in Europe's Late Medieval Towns

Mar 30, 2023 to Apr 01, 2023

Internationales Begenungszentrum Kiel (IBZ)

"Innerstädtischer Wissenstransfer in seriellen Quellen. Verwaltung, Alltag und Gesellschaft in den spätmittelalterlichen Kommunen Europas"

The Late Middle Ages have received numerous apt characterisations – amongst others ‘age of the explosion of scripturality’. Since the 12th century, urban Western and Central Europe had emerged as a place of a highly productive scripturality.The availability of new writing materials as well as a change in the perception of the benefits of scripturality played an important role which enabled the aspiring cities and towns of Western Europe to face the challenges of self-organisation and administration. Scripturality, as a medium detached from persons and individual memory to store information and to cope with everyday challenges, has been considered a productive field of medieval studies.
The international conference on ‘Knowledge Transfer in Serial Sources. Administration, Experience / Everyday Life and Society in Europe’s Late Medieval Towns’ to be held in Kiel aims at reflecting the results of the statistical analyses of the last decades, comparing methods and perspectives from different European regions as well as discussing future developments.The three main topics of interest concern the formation of entries in serial sources, possible processes of knowledge transfer and change, as well as potential law (s) of seriality.


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