Biweekly Colloquia:The Evolution of Material Wealth-Based Inequality at the Bridge River site, British Columbia (Anna Marie Prentiss / Anthropology at University of Montana, USA)

Jun 26, 2023 from 04:15 PM to 05:45 PM

Leibnizstraße 1, room 204

Anna Marie Prentiss • Anthropology at University of Montana, USA

The evolution of social inequality remains a critical topic for archaeologists and socio-
cultural anthropologists. Multiple explanatory models have been proposed that consider demographic, economic, and social variables. While we have a good understanding of conditions under which inequality persists, we still debate the proximate factors that would permit inequality to evolve from within societies favoring persistent egalitarian relations.  Archaeological research at the Bridge River housepit village in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, has permitted fine grained tests of alternative models concerning emergent material wealth-based inequality. Results to date suggest that both cooperative and coercive strategies were important.

 Biweekly Colloquia Abstract: Anna Marie Prentiss

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