Biweekly Colloquia

Biweekly Colloquia: “Societies and Environments through time: A new History of Humanity?”

Lectures by international invited experts from different disciplines presenting their research on specific topics: Mondays, 4:15 PM, on a biweekly basis. Organised by the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS & the CRC 1266.

Topic of the summer term

2022 is ""Societies and Environments through time: A new History of Humanity?

With one exception, the Biweekly Colloquia will take place at Leibnizstraße 1, Room 105 on mondays from 4:15-5:45 PM.

The lecture by Prof. Wengrow will take place at Audimax Hörsaal C - Christian-Albrechts-Platz 2 (CAP2) on a thursday (June 30th) from 04:15 PM to 05:45 PM.

Two times it will take place virtually (May 9th and July 11th) via the web conference system Zoom. The presentations will be streamed live, followed by a discussion round of all participants. Instructions on how to register and set up Zoom for CAU staff can be obtained from the CAU's computer centre website. External colleagues can participate in the Biweekly Colloquia with the free version of Zoom by using the access information sent to them.

Access authorization: If you wish to access the virtual Biweekly Colloquia, please contact or

Poster Biweeky Colloquia summer term 2022 (download link)


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