The Insula del Citarista (I 4) in Pompeii – Building Survey and Investigation of a Central Insula Complex

The aim of this study is to investigate the architectural remains of the insula I 4 (Insula del Citarista), a central block of the ancient city of Pompeii, situated at the intersection of two of the main streets (Via Stabiana and Via dell’Abbondanza). The Insula del Citarista is primarily known for its wall paintings and the bronze sculpture of the Apollo Citarista found within the domus during the excavations of 1853.
With a precise building documentation as a basis, the project aims to identify the large-scale building phases as well as other small-scale interventions within the different houses. The building phases will then be connected to the different decorative phases and strategies traceable throughout the walls and pavements of the insula, in general, and within the so-called Casa del Citarista, in particular.
Further questions concern the relationship between different properties on the insula as well as towards the street and the adjacent insulae.

Urban ROOTSPompei, Casa del Citarista (Michele Amodio, 1873)

Urban ROOTSPompei, Casa del Citarista (photo: Tobias Busen)

Project by Annette Haug
main collaborator: Tobias Busen




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