Early Christianity in Corinth and the Peloponnese

The project “Early Christianity in Corinth and the Peloponnese” investigates the positioning of early Christian basilicas in the urban context and the perception of concepts of Christian actions and Christian rituals (e.g. baptisms) in public urban space. The sacralisation of the landscape around Corinth in the 6th century AD, which was, i. a., politically motivated, represents a climax of the architectural manifestation of Christianity in the Peloponnese. This phenomenon is also present at other locations where prominently positioned architecture is observed, e.g., at central urban squares. In October 2019, Christiane Zimmermann (Subcluster Urban ROOTS, Early Christianity) conducted a research trip to Corinth. Together with Hilmar Klinkott (Subcluster Knowledge ROOTS, Ancient History) and Andreas Müller (Early Church History), they visited further sites of early Christian congregations in the Peloponnese.

Urban ROOTSIn Epidauros, the early Christian church is located directly next to the Propylon and in the immediate vicinity of the Asklepieion (photo: Christiane Zimmermann).

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