Food production pathways (FPP), dietary dynamics, and climate change in the southern Levant

The FPP project provides a novel assessment of the relative contributions of climate-induced resource stress and human niche constructing activities in generating food production pathways. Between 11,000 and 6000 cal BC, the first experiments in plant cultivation, animal management, and intensification in food production took place in the context of the Younger Dryas and early Holocene shifts in climate regimes. The project will investigate the local amplitude of environmental change associated these climate changes, and its intersection with the anthropogenic modification of the landscape associated with the the transition from hunting-gathering to food production, and the degree to which intake of major dietary macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – changed in tandem with hypothesized shifts in resource availability and food production.


This project evolves from cooperation between the ROOTS subclusters Dietry, Hazards, and Inequality.

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Cheryl Makarewicz:
Ralph Schneider:
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Reuven Yeshurun
Max Price
Lidar Sapir-Hen
Dan Contreras
Phillip Edwards
Bill Finlayson
Christine Winter-Schuh


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