Dr. Philipp Kobusch

ROOTS full member

Johanna-Mestorf-Straße 5, R. 13
Phone: +49 431 880-2050
Telefax: +49 431 880-7309

Philipp Kobusch is on parental leave until April 2023 and will be replaced by Florian Weber during this time. Contact: +49 431 880-2476 / fweber@romanistik.uni-kiel.de

A main focus of my work is the study of human agency in ancient societies and its association with specific spaces (housing, sanctuaries, necropolises) as one of the driving factors for shaping the built environment. Of particular interest is the way in which different cultural roots were dealt with in special contact zones of the Mediterranean (Iberian Peninsula, Cyprus, etc.) and the significant processes of exchange and change in this context. These questions are currently being pursued by means of an exemplary study of residential buildings in Roman times on the Iberian Peninsula. It is also the basis for the investigation of an archaic to Hellenistic sanctuary of Apollo on Cyprus (Frangissa, cooperation project with Dr. M. Recke, University of Frankfurt).

Keywords: Ancient living spaces, ancient sacred spaces, action and perception of human agents, Roman western provinces, especially the Iberian Peninsula, Greece and Asia Minor, Cyprus


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