Dr. Ingo Feeser

ROOTS full member

Johanna-Mestorf-Straße 2-6, R. 35
Phone: +49 431 880-4059
Telefax: +49 431 880-7300

With a background in botanical and archaeological studies, my research emphasis lies on palaeoenvironmental reconstructions in the context of archaeological investigations. This involves multi-disciplinary approaches of on- and off-site geoarchives including sedimentological, pollen and non-pollen palynomorph analyses. Of particular interest is the development of high-quality chronologies using annually laminated lake sediments and cryptotephra analyses for age-depth modelling and archive synchronisation. My current research activities focus on the reconstruction of anthropogenic and natural dynamics at different spatial scales, i.e. from local to regional and supra-regional patterns, with high temporal resolution for the Neolithic and Bronze Age of northern Central Europe.

Keywords: Human-environment interaction, environmental archaeology, land-use history, palynology, non-pollen-palynomorphs, tephrochronology


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