Wadden Sea Project on Terra X

Wadden SeaFor the Terra X series, a new episode will broadcast a documentary on “Ungelöste Fälle der Archäologie - Verlorene Welten” (“Unsolved Cases of Archaeology - Lost Worlds”) on 14 February 2021. In search of submerged sites and empires, the TV troupe also visited the Southern Wadden Sea area of North Frisia, off the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Here an interdisciplinary team with ROOTS participation investigates the early to late medieval settlement patterns as well as the causes and dynamics of the rise and decline of the early settlements on the tidal flats. Geophysical prospections, aerial drone-photography are coupled with geoarchaeological investigations and archaeological surveys.

Wadden Sea

This Terra X documentary (in German) is already available online here

If you want to know more about the Wadden Sea Project you can contact Bente Majchczack, associate researchers of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS and member of the subcluster ROOTS of Socio-Environmental Hazards.


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