The new ROOTS image movie: Complex science in three and a half minutes

ROOTS imagefilm

The scientists of the Cluster of Excellence “ROOTS” are jointly investigating the roots of social, environmental and cultural phenomena and processes that have a lasting impact on human development. In the new image movie of the Cluster of Excellence, members of the research network explain why interdisciplinary work is of fundamental importance. In addition, in three and a half minutes, the movie provides a compact insight into various methods and technologies used by ROOTS from excavations, to the soil laboratory and to sample collection in the bone laboratory.
"Of course, a film of this length cannot cover the entire range of ROOTS research. But it can provide a brief introduction to the topic, highlight initial results and make people curious. That is exactly what the image movie should achieve," remarks the speaker of the cluster, Johannes Müller.    
The film had its premiere during the ROOTS retreat in Kiel in mid May.
Now it can be seen on YouTube in English and German, with or without subtitles.


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