‘Bildwanderungen – Bildtransporte’: The Augustan World of Images beyond the Alps

Bildwanderungen BildtransporteToday we are living in a world in which images are omnipresent and where they have a constant impact on our everyday lives. Images are known from almost all epochs and cultures of humankind, so one can say: creating images is a part of being human. But why are we living a life with images?
The exhibition “Bildwanderungen – Bildtransporte: The Augustan World of Images beyond the Alps” addresses this question by using the example of the encounter between the Roman culture rich in imagery and the population of the territories north of the Alps, which had no ‘image-culture’ until then. More than 2000 years ago, during the reign of Emperor Augustus (31 BC–AD 14), these territories had become part of the Roman Empire. The exhibition focuses on a variety of imported and locally produced images, which were particularly associated with those people who came to the north from the Mediterranean region as soldiers, traders or craftsmen.

Exhibition of the Antiquities Collection at Kiel Art Museum (Antikensammlung, Kunsthalle zu Kiel)

Date: 16 October 2021- 16 January 2022
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