Urban Expansion and Urban Dynamics in the Middle Ages / Stadterweiterung und urbane Dynamik im Mittelalter

Urban Expansion and Urban Dynamics in the Middle Ages

Numerous and large-scale urban expansions in the later Middle Ages indicate a spirit of optimism for the future. In spite of limited resources, expansions were large-scale and designed for considerable growth. With few exceptions, almost all high medieval city rings were expanded. The material “footprints” of these complex processes include new walls, streets, buildings, and sometimes even building types. Politically and judicially, urban expansions primarily required the integration of the “new” and the respective negotiation of legal positions. Old cities, old city extensions or also “new cities” had to be able to functionally interact on political, social and economic levels.

The aim of the conference is to connect perspectives on topography, architecture, constitution, economy and everyday culture with the city expansions in an interdisciplinary way, as well as to classify them in the context of larger economic cycles and upswing phases.


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