The Dynamics of Neighbourhoods and Urban Quarters

The Dynamics of Neighbourhoods and Urban QuartersThis colloquium dealt with a meso-scale of urbanity: neighbourhoods, city quarters and districts. While the term neighbourhood was used to address the surrounding of an individual’s home, the term district designates an area with specific qualities which differ from those of other areas of a city. The contributions addressed the socio-spatial patterning of cities, such as Athens, Rome, Ostia and Pompeii, by focusing on an analysis of the three-dimensional urban space. Thus, they contributed to a multidimensional and differentiated understanding of urban space and time on different scales. The analysis of neighbourhoods and city quarters provides important insights for a deeper understanding of urban agency and perception, which are a core research focus of the subcluster Urban ROOTS.

Date: 11-12 November 2021 CAU Kiel

Christian Beck (Kiel)
Christer Bruun (Toronto)
Steven Ellis (Cincinnati)
Miko Flohr (Leiden)
Annette Haug (Kiel)
Pia Kastenmeier (Rome)
Patric-Alexander Kreuz (Kiel)
Taylor Lauritsen (Kiel)
Simon Malmberg (Bergen)
Eric Poehler (Amherst Massachusetts)
Ginny Wheeler (Bern)

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