Philosophy of Archaeology: A ROOTS Reflective Turn Forum Workshop

Philosophy and Archaeology

This workshop invites an international and interdisciplinary cast of specialists to Kiel to discuss the role of philosophy and theory in archeology. We work with a broad, inclusive, and interdisciplinary definition of philosophy as the reflective and iterative process of conceptual clarification and paradigm critique. What are the outstanding questions in archaeological theory today? What is the concrete, middle range theoretical import of philosophy to archaeological interpretation of data?

In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and with a specious time table, the symposium affords the contributors ample time to develop and discuss their thoughts.

This workshop is open to all members of the public and the research cluster ROOTS.

Confirmed speakers:
Jerimy Cunningham (University of Lethbridge)
Caroline Heitz (University of Bern)
Thomas Meier (Heidelberg University)
Julian Thomas (University of Manchester)
Rachel Crellin (University of Leicester)
Constance von Rüden (RUB Bochum)

and from Kiel University:
Vesa Arponen
Tim Kerig
Konrad Ott
Artur Ribeiro

Date: 20-21 February 2020
Venue: Kiel University, Leibnizstr. 1, room 105a+b

Konrad Ott
VPJ Arponen

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