ROOTS Public Lecture Series by JMA-Chair Anders Fischer

Mar 15, 2023 from 03:30 PM

Klaus-Murmann-Hörsaal, Leibnizstraße 1, 24118 Kiel

Genocide in Prehistory? DNA results and initial archaeological considerations from a study of Danish prehistoric skeletons.
Anders Fischer ( Sealand Archaeology, Kalundborg, Denmark )

An ongoing genomic study of Danish skeletal material demonstrates two fundamental population turn-overs during the Neolithic, one at the very Mesolithic-Neolithic transition (c. 3900 BC) and another at the arrival of the Corded Ware/Single Grave Culture (c. 2800 BC). The lecture focuses on the former episode. It presents preliminary results from combined genomic, dietary isotopic, physical anthropological and archaeological analyses of individuals who experienced the dramatic change on their own bodies – allowing us to glimpse what actually happened at the level of individual life histories. Additionally, the lecture considers which scientific aspects we are still ignorant of, as well as political-philosophical questions that we should prepare ourselves to answer.


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