ROOTS of Inequalities: Lecture course "Measuring Inequality"

Nov 19, 2019 from 08:15 AM to 09:45 AM

Leibnizstr. 3, room 123

In this lecture series on "Inequality In Older Societies - A Quantitative Approach" by Johannes Marzian and Till Requate, methods for the quantitative inequality measurement are discussed with the aid of a descriptive data set. The lectures illustrate different ways of presenting inequality in distributions, the concept of "ranking" of distributions, and an axiomatic approach to inequality measurement, including checking for inequality measures such as the Gini coefficient and the class of Generalized Entropy Measures.


Specifically, this lecture will address the following topics:

1.    Ranking Distributions: Introduction
                 Lorenz Curves 
2.    The Gini Coefficient Theoretical Foundation Intersecting Lorenz curves 
3.    An Axiomatic Approach to Inequality Measurement
                The Principle of Anonymity
                The Principle of Population Invariance
                Digression: Comparing Distributions of different Sizes
                The Principle of Transfers
                The Principle of Scale Invariance The Principle of Decomposability 
4.    Summary and Outlook 







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