ROOTS Young Academy

The ROOTS Young Academy fully integrates and supports early-career researchers within the broad interdisciplinary frame of ROOTS in a highly stimulating research environment. The ROOTS Young Academy, along with the Reflective Turn Forum, is designed as an open academic centre for interdisciplinary training and exchange among young researchers and all ROOTS members, as well as a forum to host international partners and guests. Here a community of excellent young researchers can efficiently evolve research profiles into novel fields and benefit from mutual cross-disciplinary fertilization beyond traditional faculty boundaries. The ROOTS Young Academy intends to attract high potential young researchers from graduate to junior professor levels, and provide them with excellent conditions to scientifically prosper and to individually develop.

Means of interaction within and beyond science include regular topical workshop series organized by the Young Academy members, the Young Academy lectures by internationally leading experts (ROOTS chairs) as well as advanced training opportunities. As a vivid platform, it is anticipated that the Young Academy will also further shape Kiel University’s profile, enhancing the international visibility of its research priority area past Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change (SECC).

Each semester, the Young Academy lectures are shaped around a wide variety of topics, which offer ROOTS doctoral candidates excellent basis for further career development:

  • The Summer Term 2020 Young Academy Teaching Programme dealt with the key research topics of the individual Subclusters and the Reflective Turn Forum in order to encourage doctoral candidates to frame their research in light of interdisciplinary. PhD Teaching Progamme Summer Term 2020
  • The current Winter Term 2020/2021 programme focusses on 'Interdisciplinary approaches to answer ROOTS questions', presenting methods from both the natural sciences and the humanities to adress past socio-environmental-cultural connectivity. PhD Teaching Programme Winter Term 2020/2021



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