Technical Platform

Technical Platform

The interconnected research activities of ROOTS rely in large parts on technical infrastructure and corresponding scientific-technical expertise. Accordingly, the ROOTS Technical Platform together with Kiel University and participating institutions support access to a wide spectrum of advanced field techniques and analytical instrumentation to address a wide variety of research questions. Platform 1

The Technical Platform provides expertise and support enabling research projects to rely on well-proven approaches as well as to test new research ideas within three main foci:

  1. Field expertise in geophysical, archaeological, and sedimentological explorations / Link
  2. Analysis of finds within archaeobotanical, palaeoenvironmental and zooarchaeological studies, nanoanalytics, dating techniques, biomarkers, stable isotope and trace element analysis, molecular genetic analysis and materials sciences/ Link
  3. Information technology, providing support for information technologies, including multidimensional information systems and visualisation, enhance the innovative possibilities of field surveys and excavations. Furthermore, by expanding the quantity and quality of data of different nature, new data management and integration strategies are developed (this focus is shared also with Platform 3). / Link

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