Humanities Platform

Humanities Platform

The Humanities Platform is intended as an instrument to make data openly available for the cultural-historical interpretation of the human-environmental interactions, i.e. the core research foci of ROOTS. The Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes" has already established and developed a specialized library for interdisciplinary work in socio-environmental research and has bundled expertise in the Digital HumanitiesPlatform 3.

Building on this experience, the Humanities Platform is structured around three main pillars:

  1. Research Data and Information Organisation, which makes the large and heterogeneous collection of data generated by research activities within the cluster available in an easily accessible form, not only to ROOTS members, but also to the wider scientific community. This is to be achieved primarily by situating the data in space and time as common attributes;
  2. Languages, which offers continuous support and numerous specific courses in order to facilitate translation and a comprehensive understanding of ancient texts and heir cultural background;
  3. Library Infrastructure, which provides access to the wide offer of the Kiel University Library network.



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