ROOTS - Three Platforms

The three ROOTS Platforms - i.e. Technical; Communication; and Humanities Platforms - support the cluster research by bundling infrastructures and scientific expertise and facilitate bridging the cultural gaps between the different disciplines.

The three platforms provide high-end field support, including a range of archaeological and scientific sampling strategies applied to document field data. This comprises cutting edge, non-invasive techniques for landscape and site mapping as well as for artefact documentation. Platforms also provide stable isotope and aDNA lab facilities to enable the identification of mobility, heritage and diseases on the basis of whole populations. Wet lab and bio-informatic pipelines for the screening and analyses of ancient genomes are established and used on a regular basis. Tools are provided, for example, to test agency and perception research jointly with ‘hard core’ environmental studies, for instance, through agency-based modelling in combination with environmental data. Furthermore, the platforms support testing new approaches in science communication as wells as the exchange and transfer of research data.





Fieldwork + Activities


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